The Medicine Bear Program

The Medicine Bear Program

The Medicine Bear Program

An integrated Youth Treatment Program

Medicine Bear is a holistic and culturally relevant Native American treatment program. Out treatment philosophy is based in the Sacred Circle / Medicine Wheel Teachings integrated with Evidence Based Therapeutic Intervention.

our mission To help each child in his or her effort to become a strong, healthy bi-cultural Native Warrior who will walk in balance with all creation.

our purpose Our purpose is to encourage personal healing through spiritual growth, cultural appreciation & respect, critical thinking and reasoned decision-making skills using culturally appropriate and relevant material woven with experiential teachings.

our philosophy We believe our children are sacred, given to us from the Creator as blessings and gifts. We also believe that we have a sacred responsibility to care for and respect our children. We speak with our youth, not at them and we acknowledge our obligation to our ancestors; by teaching the children how to care for themselves and other people. We believe that we must use wisdom and guidance from the Creator in all of our decisions and actions as we care for and help our children heal from their trauma and pain.

Treatment Services

  • Designed for youth between the ages of 10-18
  • Staff secure facility
  • Evidence Based Behavioral Therapy
  • Individualized treatment and education plans
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • On-grounds year-round education
  • Daily physical conditioning
  • Awesome off-campus experiential learning opportunities
  • Transitional services include: aftercare and discharge planning, career/life-skills curriculum, restitution, community service and employment opportunities

Medicine Bear Components

  • Culturally relevant and appropriate mental health, alcohol and drug assessments with intensive alcohol and drug treatment services, including the Red Road to Wellbriety approach to healing, the Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps for Adolescents, and traditional healing activities
  • Native American philosophy/spirituality
  • Native storytelling, meditation, guided imagery, breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Inspirational on and off-campus cultural activities and events
  • Native American inter-dependent life skill building
  • Tribal specific history, value clarification and knowledge building
  • Tribal specific case management services
  • Anpetuluta Otipi - Our Beautiful Cultural Learning Center

“Learning to Walk a Sacred Path”