Female Sexual Misconduct

The RENEW Program

Female Sexual Misconduct

The RENEW Program at Southern Peaks is a residential treatment service designed for female adolescents who have exhibited sexually offensive behaviors, often accompanied by additional presenting problems including mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse issues, or trauma-related diagnoses.

RENEW helps females who have been sexually abusive to live authentically and productively, using real-world, pro-social tools which support and encourage them to view their history as an opportunity for emotional and personal growth.

From the outset of the treatment process, RENEW utilizes a psychosexual evaluation and other specialized clinical assessments to assist in determining a truly individualized treatment plan for each girl. Cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, as well as trauma-informed care, are used as the framework for each girl’s treatment plan. Key therapeutic interventions include individual, group, and family counseling sessions, with a focus on healthy sexuality, cognitive restructuring, empathy development, values clarification, anger management, impulse control, social skills training, and relapse prevention strategies.

Given the importance of interpersonal relationships in female adolescent identity development, the RENEW Program places significant emphasis on the development of positive relationship building skills. We help females develop their self-esteem and a more positive and accurate self concept. And we provide them with the decision making skills and life skills that will assist their development into womanhood.

The gender-responsive RENEW program nurtures and reinforces "femaleness" as a positive identity with inherent strengths. It recognizes the dangers and risks that females face because of gender, and in response teaches female empowerment, to use their voice, to speak for themselves, and to recognize that they have choices.

RENEW’s team of highly skilled and dedicated masters level clinicians have been specifically trained with a focus on treating the adolescent female who has exhibited sexually offensive behavior. All staff assigned to the RENEW program complete extensive training year-round in sex offense specific treatment principles.

Staff ratios of one staff to four youth during waking hours provide intensive supervision while minimizing community risk. Each girl in the RENEW program is housed in her own single, private room.