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The process is very simple

At Southern Peaks, we recognize the importance of assuring that the individual you are referring is placed in a program that will best meet his or her therapeutic needs. Our admissions department will work closely with you to assist you in the placement of your referral.

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Or, Just Email us

Send an email to with your referral information or fax it to us at (713) 335-9116. We will typically have a response to you within 24 hours of receiving the information. You can also get in touch with us though our online contact form on HERE

What to send us

Here are some examples of documents that will be helpful in determining acceptance of an individual into a Southern Peaks treatment program:

  • Psychiatric or psychological evaluations
  • Prior placement information
  • Previous medical information to include dental exams, physicals, vision tests, hearing screenings, and lab work
  • Educational records, to include IEPs (if applicable)
  • Child welfare and social service records
  • Court records

Southern Peaks Regional Treatment Center accepts State, County and Tribal funding as well as Private Pay. The facility works with select State Medicaid programs and private insurance companies to provide the most cost-effective service possible.

For prompt, personal assistance with referrals and admissions, we welcome you to contact:

Jeremy Hugins

Phone: 719.276.7567

Judy Arciniaco

Phone: 303.746.9269

Phone: 505.385.6875


FAX: 713-335-9116