Female Behavioral Health

Female Behavioral Health

Female Behavioral Health

Our gender-responsive female behavioral health program offers comprehensive services to support the emotional and mental well being of the female adolescents and families we serve.

Given the importance of interpersonal relationships in female adolescent identity development, our female behavioral health program places significant emphasis on the development of positive relationship building skills. We help female develop their self-esteem and a more positive and accurate self concept. And we provide them with the decision making skills and life skills that will assist their development into womanhood.

This gender-responsive treatment program nurtures and reinforces "femaleness" as a positive identity with inherent strengths. It recognizes the dangers and risks that females face because of gender, and in response teaches female empowerment, to use their voice, to speak for themselves, and to recognize that they have choices.

Upon admission, our clinical, medical, and educational teams will complete a comprehensive assessment process that will lay the foundation for each girl’s individualized treatment plan.

Using a multidisciplinary team approach, the treatment plan is tailored and regularly modified to incorporate and address the special needs and strengths that the child and her family system possess. These include factors such as developmental strengths/needs, emotional strengths/needs, intellectual development, social and cultural factors, physical strengths/needs, and life domains pertinent to the young woman and her family.

Key treatment interventions include, but are not limited to, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, social skills training, psychological/psychiatric support, and medical/psychotropic intervention.

Each child will have the opportunity to further participate in gender-responsive clinical, and educational, and recreational programming along with a variety of other structured activities and services designed to foster growth and positive life changes.