Female Behavioral Health

Female Behavioral Health Treatment

Female Behavioral Health

Our trauma informed female behavioral health program is highly structured, therapeutic, and predictable, providing a safe environment to female adolescents who need an intensive level of care. The program is designed to provide an orderly and supportive treatment milieu that promotes success through the development of prosocial behaviors and adaptive living skills.

Using a strength-based trauma informed approach, the female behavioral health program offers comprehensive mental health services to support the integrated care model we use to serve our youth. Our clinical, medical, and educational teams will complete a variety of assessments to lay the foundation for each girl’s individualized treatment plan. Using a multidisciplinary team approach, the treatment plan is modified to incorporate feedback from supports such as family, guardians, case workers, and GALs. Monthly treatment planning conferences with the multidisciplinary team, help ensure the plans are current and reflect the most up to date information addressing developmental strengths/needs, emotional strengths/needs, intellectual development, social and cultural factors, physical strengths/needs, and life domains pertinent to the youth and her family.

Key treatment interventions include, but are not limited to, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, social skills training, psychological/psychiatric support, and medical/psychotropic intervention.

Each child will have the opportunity to further participate in trauma-informed clinical, and educational, and recreational programming along with a variety of other structured activities and services designed to foster growth and positive life changes.